Priority is given for Basic Needs Like “ Water, Food, Health Services, Shelter, Education, Skilled development program and Women empowerment” activities.

Who is Globalian ?

A person who is living in this global are Globalians. Our immense ambition makes Each Globalian is to help and support other Globalian who is in need.  “All are equal in the global ”  is the tag line of Globalian Trust. There is no boundary for globalian like Country, Language, Religion, Caste, Gender and other divisions.

Our Aim

The main aims of the trust is to take care of the Orphaned/Abandoned people and provide them with Proper Shelter, Food, Education, Health Care etc. To provide Education to the Underprivileged kids of the society and help people who are in needy. All our Projects are summed up as Globalian Trust. The Trust which strives to help the People’s of the society and uplift them with proper Healthcare, education and Food and Shelter.

“We cannot do great things on this Earth,Only small things with great love.”

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers