Dr.Abdul Kalam Trust for Future Vision

Dr.Abdul Kalam Trust for Future Vision

Let’s join our hands together to make a new society, help others and protect our culture and environment. Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM is not just a word or a name. It’s an inspiration and heartbeat for youngsters in our society. We have volunteers who are pillars of trust, touching the lives of thousands of needy people. Our motto leans towards the protection, conservation, and improvement of our mother nature and humanity. The services, where we dedicate ourselves are to improve the overall quality of life in rural areas. Come, let’s join our hands together and raise our voice against illegal and immoral activities in our society and fight for justice. If you couldn’t make time yet were willing to participate in our trust events, here we are there to guide you.

Our History

Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust for Future Vision was started by Prapanchan Asokan with the dream of KALAM 2020. Prior to this, he served the society through Muneer Foundation. Over a period of time, “The Missile Man” hands over all his dreams & responsibilities to the budding generation. In India, because of the more humongous populace, people did not get their basic needs, especially education. So, we planned to confer this basic need in the form of the “KarkaKasadara” project. For instance, 10 years ago, buying drinking water was a rare scenario, but nowadays we are practicing buying water for all purposes. Similarly, what will we do if this society asks us to pay for taking a breath, oxygen will be taxed in the future. To be the worst, people will have to lift the oxygen bag and wear masks daily in 2030. To be cautious, we proactively started planting and adopting trees through the “1Indian 100Trees” and Restoring Water Bodies project.

Contact Us

No. 82, Bodi Chetty Street,
Cuddalore – 607002.

Tel: 7904230209 / 9629998597

Email: apjtrustforfuturevision@gmail.com

web: www.apjfuturevision.org